Late Night’s Seth Meyers on his love of mustard, post-traumatic waiter dreams and his enduring chicken finger obsession. 
Seth Meyers
Credit: © Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Going Dutch

I lived in Amsterdam in the late ’90s as a young, fairly poor actor, and I loved FEBO, which is a chain of automats. My usual order was basically deep-fried beef gravy—grotesque in description but delicious to eat. My friends have been sending me photos of the new location they put on the canal to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Time to Quit the Day Job

Growing up I worked as a delivery driver for a New England–based sandwich chain called D’Angelo. I always smelled like an Italian sub at the end of the day. Based on the feedback I got from the girls in my life at the time, you would not want that as a cologne.

Condiment Connoisseur

I have a crazy selection of mustards in my fridge—more than any spouse would think the person she married would ever need. Some people appreciate Scotch; I try to expand my appreciation of mustard.

Kitchen Nightmares

I was a waiter for a really long time in many different places. I still have more stress dreams about table nine needing their check than I do about any show business performance I’ve ever done in my life.

NYC Black Book

I eat the same lunch every day but try to be pretty adventurous when it comes to dinner. As much as my wife and I make lists and spreadsheets of all the new hot spots we want to try, we live in the West Village and usually end up at Cafe Cluny, Malaparte or Bar Bolonat instead. It’s not sacrificing much because, for a lot of people, those would be the best restaurants they’d ever eat at.

Bird is the Word

I’m a huge fan of chicken, which is why I made the mockumentary Juan Likes Rice and Chicken. It’s especially hard for me to turn down chicken fingers. The ones at Fuku+ are the best thing that happened to me last year—and we had a baby.