The lollipop sticks contain heirloom seeds of mint, marigold, lavender and more.

By Maria Yagoda
Updated August 10, 2017
Heather Collins

We’ve never asked that much of our lollipops, but now we realize how foolish we’ve been. Amborella Organics has engineered a gourmet lollipop that serves a higher purpose—even higher than surprise gum at the end. After you finish the lollipop, you plant the stick into your garden—it contains heirloom seeds that will grow the herb or flower that flavored the lollipop once the stick decomposes in the soil. The pops’ sweet and savory flavors, a far cry from blue raspberry, include champagne and roses, sage and marshmallow, lavender and lemongrass, lemon and thyme, vanilla and hibiscus, peach and marigold and rosemary and mint. The organic pops are colored with natural dyes from ingredients like carrot and turmeric, and the sticks, which you plant horizontally into the soil, are made of recycled paper.

Heather Collins

Brennan Clarke, who founded the company with Taylor Morgan, drew inspiration from his childhood gardening with his grandmother. “I wanted the next generations to create those same memories with their parents and grandparents that I had,” Clarke says. “I was inspired by the inherent resemblance between a lollipop and a flower and wanted to create a delicious, organic treat that would make even the most disinterested youth interested in this experience.”

You won’t yet find the seed-bearing-pops at corner stores next to the Twizzlers, but they’re available on their website and in boutiques across the country. A “Seed-Bearing Bundle” of 12 lollipops costs $27, and individual pops go for $2.25. “The moment you see someone’s jaw drop because they find out that an organic lollipop can transcend its inherent use, yielding herbs and flowers that have a connection to the flavor of the lollipop they just devoured, is pretty monumental,” Morgan says.

Please bear in mind that Blow Pop sticks still do not contain heirloom seeds, and that planting them in your garden is bad for the earth.