By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 12, 2015
© iStockphoto

What would you do with 62 feet of gummy string candy? Eating it probably wouldn’t be the best choice for your health, so a Japanese woman decided to knit the yarn-like gummy strands into an edible scarf and document the entire process on Twitter.

User Overtime Queen began her project with 15 packages of Ultra-string Q gummy candies, which, at 50 inches long, claim to be the longest ever. From there, she used chopsticks as knitting needles, and according to Rocket News 24 (which apparently knows a lot more about knitting than I do), she “decided to go with a standard stocking stitch, 18 stitches across—a good width for a comfortable scarf.”

After three hours of work, she ended up with an impressively visually stunning scarf that’s about 10 inches by 6 inches in size and weighs a pound. Her tweets also racked up thousands of retweets and favorites, so though her scarf might not be quite long enough to wear, it’s done wonders for her social media status.

Plus, even if the scarf was long enough to use as a fashion statement, the gummy strings were citrus soda- and cola-flavored. I’m not sure how long you’d want those scents hanging around your neck. Best to just serve the whole thing up for dessert.

Take a look at the images:

[h/t Neatorama]