By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 10, 2017
Credit: © Sonic 4 Magazin Müzik Komedi Video / Youtube

Some chefs are renowned for mastering a certain cuisine, their creative use of flavors or their unique presentations. And then some are best known for the ridiculously flamboyant way in which they sprinkle salt.

Nusret Gökçe, who the English speaking part of the Internet has anointed #SaltBae, is clearly part of the latter group. In fact, he may be the only member of the latter group. The chef and restaurateur who owns restaurants in Turkey and Dubai loves to appear on camera stylishly dressed – dark sunglasses, goatee and all – showing off his prowess preparing all sorts of cuts of meat. But it’s his unique way of seasoning with salt – elbow pushed forward, hand raised vertically as if he’s about to throw a dart, or do a chicken dance, followed by cavalierly sprinkling pinches of salt down his arm allowing the grains to fall wherever they please, often nowhere near his dish – that has most grabbed people’s attention.

The GIF in this tweet sums up the action most concisely…

But if you have the patience (I know this is the internet, but try) #SaltBae’s technique is best appreciated in context. Here he in a clip from his restaurant’s official Instagram page doing what is described as “Masaj müzik Sevgi.” Google is telling me that translates to “Massage music Love,” but…um… Google may not quite have the context right on that one.

At this point, you’ve gotten a taste of #SaltBae. A salty taste. So I’ll simply leave it up to you how much further you feel the need to dig. His restaurant’s Instagram has over a million followers, so clearly people are finding things to enjoy there. And of course there are “Everything You Need to Know About #SaltBae”-type articles all over the place if you are feeling uninformed. Oh, and here he is kickboxing someone to the point of unconsciousness and uncomfortably petting a goat.

Although, personally, I’ll admit, I’m already about #SaltBae’d out. I’m not saying I’m not going to start sprinkling my salt that way. I’m definitely going to start sprinkling my salt that way. I’m just saying I have other, more pressing issues to attend to in between my flamboyant seasoning time.