By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated January 13, 2016
© Anonymous Donor / Alamy Stock Photo

I've never won the lottery, but I can imagine it feels pretty darn good to see your ticket match up to each of the winning numbers one by one. That's certainly how the staff of Grissini Ristorante in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, felt on Saturday when they checked their pooled ticket to find they had just won nearly $1 billion. According to, cheers went up, a dishwasher apparently quit, and a valet told a customer to get their own damned car. In two videos posted to YouTube, the staff is first seen checking the numbers and getting more excited with every matching digit.

A second video shows screams, applause, hugging and (because this is Jersey) joyous exclamations of profanity.

The mood would change dramatically about 20 minutes later when a closer look revealed the winning numbers they read out were from the previous drawing. Oddly enough, nobody felt like filming the moment their collective hopes of a richer future were dashed. So if you've been playing the lotto for a few weeks hoping to cash in on the ever-growing prize, be sure to toss those old tickets in the trash now and save yourself a ride on an emotional roller coaster tonight. Good luck!