© Photo courtesy of Cape Mentelle
Surfs up.
I’m sure most people are cursing Hurricane Earl as it speeds up the East Coast threatening their Labor Day weekend beach plans. As a surfer, I live for the swell that hurricane season brings. I’ll admit to being a bit out of my league when the waves get double overhead, but I still like watching the fearless surfers paddle out into what looks like Hawaii’s North Shore. After a long morning of surf, there’s nothing better than a killer breakfast. This weekend, I’ll have more than a dozen of the world’s best bodyboarders staying at my house on the Jersey Shore for a contest.
Here, the post-surf breakfast I’ll be cooking them:

Peanut Butter Crunch French Toast
Oversize Breakfast Biscuits
Nutty Granola
Mushroom and Fried-Egg BLT Clubs
Chocolate Chip and Banana Muffins

And if the waves fall flat, here are some cocktail ideas to fall back on.