By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 07, 2016
Credit: © Village Vanguard

Over the years, ramen has emerged as a somewhat unexpected food trend in the United States. People go bonkers for it. Just last month, when famed Japanese ramen chain Ichiran opened up in New York, hundreds lined up down the street to get a taste. But have you ever been so into ramen that you wish you were ramen? Japanese retailer Village Vanguard has the answer: bath powders that make your bath water smell like ramen or other Asian foods. Yup, you can turn your tub into a giant bowl of ramen broth and then, for the choice of meat, it’s you! Gross.

According to Rocket News 24, Village Vanguard’s online store has recently added six different varieties of food-scented bath powders. They’re like bath salts except they won’t make you eat anyone’s face – unless the scents make you really, really hungry. Beyond the aforementioned ramen scent, the other options are miso soup, beef bowl, curry, Korean-style hot pot and Japanese-style fried noodles – because why should the scent of your bath water be confined to a food that needs to be served in a bowl?

Of course, you may be left wondering, What’s the point of taking a bath if you’re going to get out of it smelling less clean than when you got in? And that’s a very valid question. Typically, if I found myself in a giant bowl of miso soup, the first thing I would want after that would a long, hot bath. However, this issue isn’t one Village Vanguard chooses to address. Instead, according to Google Translate, the Japanese shop instead warns buyers that, “Too much like the stomach, it will be in trouble!” To further translate, “Be careful because these bath powders could make you hungry.” Interesting. I’d probably be more concerned about them making me nauseous.

Regardless, I guess if you want some logical reason why you should bathe in ramen, you’re probably not the kind of person who’s interested in bathing in ramen in the first place. For the rest of you, hold tight: It’s currently sold out.