The Netflix hit's resident culinary expert gets pelted with the green toast-topper.
Credit: YouTube

There are still two whole weeks to go before the second season of Netflix's hit revival of Queer Eye graces our screens (official drop date: June 15), but late yesterday, we got a sneak peek at our fave fab five in a teaser video for the show's new theme song, featuring Betty Who.

In the two-minute montage, each of the fab five have a signature vignette: grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness blow-dries his tresses, culture guide / the show's de facto purveyor of pastoral care Karamo Brown flings Kleenex around the set, interior design guru Bobby Berk affixes a bedazzled license plate frame to a bedazzled pick-up truck, fashion pro Tan France preens for the camera, and Queer Eye's resident culinary expert Antoni Porowski gets... pelted by avocado rain?

Sure it's surreal—and Porowski had his share of critics after season one dropped, with plenty of snarking from the peanut gallery about whether or not he was actually capable of cooking (verdict: yes, he can) when he only demonstrated 101-level basics—many of which involved avocados—on air. But just because a grilled cheese or a guacamole recipe seems simple doesn't mean its inclusion is devoid of thought.

"The first thing that I made, I was like, everyone needs to know how to make it. I’ll teach him how to make guacamole," Porowski told Food & Wine earlier this spring. "So, I cut open an avocado, and he looks over, and he looks inside and he sees the pit. He’s like, ‘What’s that?’ I got goosebumps and I almost broke down into tears. Like, what a moment of humility.

"This guy’s never seen the inside of an avocado, and here I am trying to show him this whole complex menu, basically trying to show off my skills so that I’m like some credible home cook. It’s not about that," he says. "It’s about figuring out what works for this guy. I cut open a lime and he’s asking where the seeds are and I’m explaining there are no seeds in limes. It’s like, right. That’s what it’s about. It’s not me going to teach Julia Child’s entire book of French cuisine. I tried to apply that to every single hero and figure out what their guacamole is.”

Check out the new trailer for yourself:

Queer Eye returns to Netflix on June 15; season one is available to watch right now on the streaming service.