By Sery Kim
Updated July 07, 2015
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How has it been a decade since Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa burned up the small-screen with their teen-aged angst. The O.C. launched actors like Adrian Brody and Rachel Bilson into the stratosphere. Our nostalgic hearts long for the days of “Chrismukkah” (Christmas + Hannakuh) and the life of “insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt” as a Cohen.

Thankfully, Variety has reported The O.C. is being made into a musical. Any music fan will identify Phantom Planet’s “California” as the pilot theme song, or note The Dandy Warhols theme song for the episode “We Used To Be Friends”, when Seth (Adrian Brody) was avoiding Anna and Summer (Rachel Bilson). And Death Cab For Cutie might as well have been in the cast list as a character on the show for how often their songs were used.

While there is no word on who is being cast as Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa, only the roles of Luke Ward, Kirsten Cohen and Josh Schwartz have been cast. That’s right: The O.C. (and Gossip Girl) creator will be a character in this musical, although not a singing one. To keep track of all of the the important updates about the pure artistic genius that will be The O.C. musical follow them on Twitter: @ocmusical. We predict this may be bigger than the Saved By The Bell musical adaptation. Just maybe.