By Clara Olshansky
Updated December 24, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Pizza Hut

You love pizza. You love the taste of it, you love the smell of it, you love debating which topping is the best. And now, thanks to Pizza Hut, you can love…wearing it? Pizza Hut has partnered with Los Angeles retailer Bella + Canvas, a brand that generally prides itself on the comfort and fit of its tee shirts. But instead of comfy tees, they’re teaming with Pizza Hut to create a line of pizza clothing targeted at the young and the hip.

While some of the items, like the pepperoni scarf, understated tribal print leggings subtly patterned with pizza, and the photo-print pepperoni socks, could make a pizza lover's day, others are uncomfortably out of touch. One of the items, a cap that read, "Take your toppings off," thankfully appears to have been discontinued. Other items in the collection, the "Pizza is Bae" sweatshirt and a pepperoni-printed longboard, seem like they were thought up by a Pizza Hut marketing executive who doesn’t speak with his millennial granddaughter enough. Most cringe worthy? The homepage of the Shopify site is emblazoned with the words "Hut Swag".

The clothing collection pairs nicely (well, as nicely as anything can) with Pizza Hut's Hut Life Blog, which features such posts as "Awkward Moments Made Better by Pizza." We wonder if “receiving a pair of pizza vision sunglasses” counts as one of those awkward moments.