Credit: © Mair / Wennel

Thanksgiving means different things for different people. Some see it as the one time of year they’re guaranteed to get a full four days hanging out with their beloved families. And then those of us who aren’t insane see it as an eating competition disguised as a holiday.

For the latter, maybe consider wearing a Dirt Pattern Material shirt to your parent’s place this holiday. Though the shirt, introduced by Swedish designer Mair/Wennel earlier this year, wasn’t specifically created to be Thanksgiving gear, as Foodiggity points out, the literally pre-stained shirt is perfect for any event where excessive eating and drinking might result in spills.

According to the product’s website, the shirt is colored with a pattern featuring “a selection of the most common stains from everyday life, such as blood, grass, red wine, bike oil, etc.” which “allows for new stains to be incorporated, continuing the design process and evolving the pattern over time.” That means you’re all good with gravy, grease or even pesky cranberry sauce. You can even add some more red wine to the mix.

And though hopefully you won’t be adding any additional blood stains to the shirt. But, you never know: it is your beloved family. Happy Thanksgiving!