A few tips, tricks and tidbits we learned from Pat LaFrieda when he stopped by F&W's Test Kitchen.
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Last week, master of all things meat Pat LaFrieda stopped by Food & Wine’s Test Kitchen to preview his upcoming book, MEAT: Everything You Need to Know due out this September, and to demonstrate how to expertly assemble a lamb crown roast (left). Here are a few tips, tricks and tidbits we learned from LaFrieda.

1. The only knot you need to know is a butcher’s knot, which is essentially a slipknot. It is used to tie the rib racks together and secure the roast.

2. When it’s the holiday season, Pat can prepare a crown roast in four minutes flat from start to finish.

3. As you french the ribs, make sure to save the meat between the bones. It’s called finger meat and it’s it worth putting aside for a delicious meal or addition to the feast.

4. Don’t be worried about using a small needle. While many of the other butchers he works with use a large, six-inch or more butcher’s needle, Pat opts for one that’s about the size of a typical household trussing needle.

5. There are four Pat LaFriedas. One is Pat’s grandfather, who started the company with Pat’s father (also Pat), then there’s Pat and finally, there’s Pat’s son, Pat LaFrieda IV. Fingers crossed the little man will follow in his father’s footsteps!