Over Memorial Day weekend I was visiting some friends who live in Blue Point, Long Island, home of my favorite East Coast oyster. Excited for some oysters on the half shell, we brought two dozen home after a trip to the fish market. I offered to shuck, figuring I could do it the quickest (though I'm not fast by any means), but when I realized all my friends had was a clam-shucking knife, I had to figure out another way to break into their shells without hurting myself.

The grill was already on, so I decided to throw the oysters on for a few minutes. I let them cook just until the shells started to pop open slightly. This trick worked perfectly. Though the oysters were not completely raw, they were not fully cooked either: Warmed through but still plump and full of briny juices. We stood around the grill and ate our oysters with just a squeeze of lemon and a drop of hot sauce.

For people without a ton of shucking experience or a proper oyster-shucking knife, this is an easy technique that takes the pain out of what can be a time-consuming task.