If you like Mugler's iconic Angel fragrance, you'll love La Maison du Chocolat's newest chocolates.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
La Maison du Chocolat collaborates with Mugler Angel
Caroline Faccioli / Courtesy Photo

Since 1992, Mugler's flagship fragrance, Angel, has been one of the best-selling perfumes on the market. One of the beauty industry's most polarizing scents—people who love it really love it, and those who don't tend to hate it—Thierry Mugler spent 10 years reworking and developing the Angel concept around both smell and taste. The result, after more than 600 trials, was a now-iconic fragrance that's rooted in food—specifically, the "sweet flavors of childhood treats."

"I always wanted to create a fragrance that struck a chord with everyone, something close to tenderness and childhood memories," Mugler once said. "I wanted to have an extremely sensual contact with this fragrance, so that the person one loves smells good enough to eat."

La Maison du Chocolat collaborates with Mugler Angel
Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Now, 25 years later, Angel is finally getting its very own confectionery. This April, the brand will team up with La Maison du Chocolat to launch a luxury chocolate collaboration—a 14-chocolate gift box that includes four different types of bon bons, infused with the notes and essence of Angel: Celestial, a citrus milk chocolate; Delicious, a cotton candy, marshmallow, and red fruits-imbued almond-hazelnut praline; Voluptuous, a dark chocolate ganache fragrant with patchouli and vanilla; and Star, pictured above, a playful, tangy, fruity Madagascar chocolate.

Beauty insiders will know that Angel is the only fragrance that boasts a signature, recommended application ritual: applying a foundation layer of perfumed cream before spritzing a cloud into the air to walk through—and finishing by applying Angel directly to pulse points. Fans of the scent will now be able to apply it internally now, as well—in its latest, sweet treat incarnation.

Angel Mugler x La Maison du Chocolat will be available online and in stores for $45 beginning April 24, 2017.