By Carey Jones
Updated November 16, 2015
Carey Jones

Thanks to one too many college parties, many of us developed a profound connection to Jack Daniel’s. Depending on how many you’ve had, you might even call it love. But only those with a true devotion (or those missing the portion of their brain that does impulse control) will get married—legally, actually married—at the altar of Jack.

At each stop on JD’s “Motel No. 7” event series (coming to NYC, Miami, Austin, Los Angeles and Chicago), Jack Daniel’s will create a gonzo party hotel, for two nights only — complete with pool parties, live music, oddball characters galore, free-flowing Jack, endless rooms of whiskey-soaked surprises. And at the Motel No. 7’s white chapel, an ordained minister will legally marry couples in every city — with four couples already signed up to tie the knot in Brooklyn.

At the altar to marry these Brooklyn couples on November 10 and 11? None other than Andrew W.K., the most improbable (yet apparently legitimate) officiant in wedding-dom. It may take some serious whiskey brand loyalty to get married at a Jack Daniel’s party, but hey, at least you’ve got the open bar taken care of already.