By Farrah Shaikh
Updated February 06, 2015
© Craig Sjodin/ABC

Admit it, in the middle of a Scandal marathon you’ve yelled out, “I need that jacket!” Probably more than once. It’s OK—it’s normal, and now there’s a website that can help make it happen for you. Pradux allows you to shop for clothing by television show and has an impressive listing of fashion options from everyone from Mindy Lahiri to Olivia Pope.

The site shows the item, lists what season and episode it was seen in and even provides a clip. If you aren’t in a browsing mood, you can narrow your search by filtering by character and season.

You can actually submit a clip of a show and the clothing featured and get paid for doing so. If Pradux users buy the item, the site splits the commission they earn from the retailers with you. Do this enough times, and you could actually afford those cute patent leather Salvatore Ferragamo flats that Marnie wore in episode 1 of season 3 of Girls.

Whether you are actually going to purchase or are just there to window shop, it’s easy to spend hours on this site. Right now we are hoping that House of Cards finds its way to the site, since Claire totally rekindled our love for pencil skirts and white blouses.