By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 08, 2015
© Gary Moseley / Alamy Stock Photo

Scoring a $69 flight to anywhere would be pretty awesome, but imagine if that fare could get you all the way to Europe. Bjorn Kjos, CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, says he hopes to be selling one-way flights across the Atlantic for that price as soon as 2017.

The big question remains, however: Will those flights take you from somewhere you can actually get to and land you somewhere you actually want to go? Kjos’s plan is based around the hope that his airline, Europe’s third-largest budget carrier, can secure spots at smaller airports with lower fees. Examples provided by NBC News include flying from US airports like New York's Westchester County Airport and Connecticut's Bradley International Airport to destinations like Edinburgh, Scotland, and Bergen, Norway. Even at $69, a flight from Hartford to Bergen sounds more like a way to elude the Feds than to enjoy a European getaway.

Still, Norwegian Air Shuttle’s plan appears to be more about broadening the discussion around where international travel may be headed than offering up any specific cheap one-way fares. Kjos said he hopes his airline can make lower cost flights that provide nonstop international service to smaller cities more common. “I think you will see a lot to that effect within five years' time,” Kjos was quoted as saying.

Low-cost carriers have certainly altered the landscape of domestic travel. It’s probably only a matter of time before the trend goes international. And if you’re a Westchester County resident who happens to have cousins in Edinburgh, you have even more reason to be excited.

[h/t The Consumerist]