By Noah Kaufman
Updated January 07, 2015

Eating peanut butter or Nutella straight from the jar is one of life's greatest (and gluten-free!) pleasures, but things can get dirty once you start scraping your spoon around for those final bits. A Chicago man wants to change all that with an ingenious fix: a jar that lifts the contents up to you from the bottom.

In a YouTube video titled "Jar Invention Lifts It All!" inventor Ron Jimdar explains how you operate the simple container. It can be operated with one hand, leaving the other one free for the aforementioned Nutella. Jimdar insists that the jar has limitless potential when it comes to products stored in jars, tubes or squeeze bottles, like peanut butter, barbecue sauce, moisturizer, caulk, etc.

The item is not for sale yet—Jimdar wants investors—andthere is still the problem of how you get your favorite peanut butter into the jar in the first place, so he may need to hone his pitch and demo skills before a run on Shark Tank. Jimdar envisions a future in which companies will sell items in bags instead of jars or tubes, making his invention easily refillable and reusable, saving the companies money on packaging and cutting down on waste. Convincing the world to change its packaging is a big ask, so he may have better luck targeting the DIY crowd. Still, anything that makes it easier is OK in our book.