Wonderboo’s luxe petfood features ingredients like ox meat, carrots and blueberries.

By Elly Parsons
Updated May 24, 2017
Courtesy of Wonderboo

This piece originally appeared on Wallpaper.com.

In this halcyon age of Deliveroo and Uber Eats, it was only a matter of time. Welcome to takeaway for dogs. Swedish premium pet food brand Wonderboo will now deliver healthy, delicious meals for your pup, from doormat to dogbowl, right across Europe.

Developed with top veterinary talent Henrik Rönnberg, Wonderboo's plat du jour is 'Swedish Ox Grain Free', an air-dried complete feed, which is made without those pesky grains so many dogs have allergies to. 'We are very pleased and proud to launch a grain-free product and get our dog food recommended by Rönnberg, one of the world's leading veterinarians in his field,' says Magnus Rosengren, CEO and founder of Wonderboo. 'He understands our idea and possesses valuable knowledge and information on how we can improve dogs' health.'

Rönnberg and Rosengren have worked together to replace the substantial wheat content in most dog foods with an allotment of additional fruit and vegetables, including carrot, broccoli and blueberries – no expense spared. For good measure, he's also thrown in some rumen – a natural protein-cum-canine-superfood that has a slightly acidic pH, ideal for dogs, and contains plenty of good bacteria, enzymes and digestion-boosting amino acids.

Courtesy of Wonderboo

Created with premium Swedish ox meat, and no additives, a Wonderboo meal is probably healthier than your average human takeaway, and it certainly looks better – each dish comes wrapped in a colourful presentation box that makes our polypropylene monstrosities pale in comparison. You can even buy a specially designed, on-the-go pet bowl just to make doubly sure your pampered pet doesn't turn their nose up. A dog's dinner never looked so appetising.