Nifty Grilling Basket
My cousin Artie brought these delicious ground-lamb meatball kebabs for my birthday dinner. They were so tasty and tender, bound with very coarse fresh bread crumbs that got very crisp on the grill. And just as great as the lamb were the cute little grill baskets in which they were packed. These narrow rectangles each held about six lamb meatballs perfectly in a single, straight line. Held closed with a latch, with wooden handles at the ends, these baskets were adorable and made grilling so much easier: no hot metal rods, no meatballs spinning around out of control, no burnt bamboo skewers. The meatballs cooked beautifully on all four sides and popped out easily. Mr. Bar-B-Q] sells them online, but my cousin picked his up at a local Job Lot, or in my town, Odd Lot. I’m stocking up on these ASAP.