By FWx Editors
Updated December 24, 2016
Credit: YouTube

Long ago the lines between the real Nick Offerman and his Lagavulin swigging character from Parks and Recreation blurred, but one thing is for certain—like Ron Swanson, Offerman loves a good single malt. And that love is on display for an uninterrupted 45-minute stretch in the latest video for “My Tales of Whiskey” campaign.

The video really is 45 minutes long and Offerman really does just sit in front of a crackling fire drinking Lagavulin silently. But if for no other reasons than the majesty of his beard and his knowing gaze it is a significant step up from the Christmas Yule Log videos after which it’s patterned (you know, the videos that just feature a burning log in a fireplace—boring).

And while Offerman doesn't do much one commenter paid close attention through the entire video and noted his highlights below (h/t Left4Donut)

Relaxing whiskey drinking perfection. We’re going to fire up the AppleTV and leave this on for every holiday party coming up at our house.