Better photos might not be the only perk to the iPhone 7.

By Erika Owen
Updated May 24, 2017
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Every approaching iPhone release comes with its fair share of gossip around what will and won't be included. Will the iPhone 7 have a headphone jack? (Probably not.) Will the camera take better photos? (Signs point to yes!) And another question has been popping up: will the new iPhone be waterproof?

Apple has been making moves to create a product that better handles situations involving a bit of moisture, but it's still likely you'll be replacing your iPhone if you submerge it more than a few seconds.

iPhone 7 beta testers have shared screenshots of a warning message that pops up when water is detected within the phone, directing iPhone owners to avoid connecting the device to a lightning cable. This is a similar feature to many other waterproof devices.

Another clue in this high-tech guessing game: a recent patent from Apple showcases technology that would help users take better underwater photos—something that can only be done with a phone that can handle a little bit of H2O.

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