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Better photos might not be the only perk to the iPhone 7.

Erika Owen
August 29, 2016

This piece originally appeared on TravelAndLeisure.com.

Every approaching iPhone release comes with its fair share of gossip around what will and won't be included. Will the iPhone 7 have a headphone jack? (Probably not.) Will the camera take better photos? (Signs point to yes!) And another question has been popping up: will the new iPhone be waterproof?

Apple has been making moves to create a product that better handles situations involving a bit of moisture, but it's still likely you'll be replacing your iPhone if you submerge it more than a few seconds.

iPhone 7 beta testers have shared screenshots of a warning message that pops up when water is detected within the phone, directing iPhone owners to avoid connecting the device to a lightning cable. This is a similar feature to many other waterproof devices.

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Another clue in this high-tech guessing game: a recent patent from Apple showcases technology that would help users take better underwater photos—something that can only be done with a phone that can handle a little bit of H2O.

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