While most of my coworkers are in Aspen this weekend, I’ll be heading out to Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City, New York, for the first annual NYC Food Film Festival. Perhaps the only thing kookier than the festival itself is the process for ordering snacks: Click on the link to buy your “asparagus roll-ups” in advance and it directs you to TicketWeb, a site more often used for hearing The Cranberries than eating them. I love how TicketWeb uses the same template for ordering the food as it does for events—it says, “Water Taxi Beach Presents: Asparagus Roll-Ups.” (Incidentally, it’s not a bad name for a band.) In the field for "Type of ticket?" Roll-up, of course. A drop-down box lets you choose your number of tickets (er, roll-ups), and there’s no stuffy four-item limit here—you can buy up to 999 pieces if you like. Sadly, like concert tickets, there is a pesky service fee, but it’s such a small price to pay for being able to buy Monday night’s Apostle of Hustle tickets and Saturday’s asparagus all at the same time, right?