From lamps to salt and pepper shakers—the iconic 'Picardie' glassware inspired a range of household accessories. 

By Adam Chapman
Updated May 24, 2017
Courtesy of Wallpaper

Marking the 70th anniversary of the iconic ‘Picardie’ glassware by Duralex – the industry titans of the tempered tumbler – Paris-based design company 5.5 designstudio is investing its creative energy into commemorating the milestone with a range that encompasses 70 different iterations of the timeless drinking ware.

With the glass being a former staple of the French school cafeteria, 5.5 designstudio has honed in on the functionality of the product by adapting it into an array of accessories whilst preserving its heritage and retaining the curvaceous cylindrical body.

With an objective aimed at playful practicality, the classic 'Picardie' has been extended to house a myriad of handy household items such as a lamp, an eggcup and salt and pepper shakers.

Courtesy of Wallpaper

Inspired by the inventive concept, Iconic Product Collection (IPC), the design company behind designerbox, has developed the product with a Kickstarter campaign, which has gained enough traction to finance the production of the first line of accessories.

The project is a celebration of both the traditional and emerging French design scene; honouring Duralex’s classical craftmanship with 5.5 designstudio’s contemporary innovation.

Courtesy of Wallpaper

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