Credit: © Strongbody Apparel

Dealing with shrimp shells—not our favorite kitchen task. They’re a pain to remove and leave your hands smelling…well, shrimpy. But those same shells that can make you reek when you’re cooking can keep you smelling fresh when you’re working out. Crustacean shells (shrimp, crab, lobster) are one of the main ingredients in a material called Chitosante that the Canadian company Strongbody is using in a new line of athletic apparel that they claim will stop you from giving off the gross, ogre stench that usually emanates from your body when you’re done with a hard CrossFit session.

We smell when we work out not directly because of our sweat but because the bacteria that lives on our skin breaks down that sweat into acids with unpleasant odors. Crustacean shells contain chitosan, a compound that can kill that bacteria. No bacteria, no odor.

The company’s founders don’t think anyone will be bothered by clothes made with shrimp shells, telling Bloomberg: “Unless you are told our fabrics contain this technology, you would never be able to tell by looking at them or touching them.” They also claim that the samples they have been wearing for two years are still odor-free.

And if you happen to have a shellfish allergy, don’t worry, you get to smell good after a workout too. Research into Chitosan powder found no adverse effects for people with those allergies.

The clothes—a tank top ($79 CA), a t-shirt ($88 CA) and a sleeveless hoodie ($148 CA)—will be available on the Strongbody website or for preorder on their successful crowdfunding campaign, where they are currently discounted.