By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 08, 2016
Courtesy of Greenling

If “building manager” isn’t a cool enough title for you to use on LinkedIn profile, but you’d still love a gig that lets you live where you work rent free, here’s a new job you may want to consider: farmer-in-residence.

A new 600-apartment rental complex being built in Staten Island is looking for ways to lure New Yorkers who would otherwise scoff at moving to the ferry-accessible island by offering up some hip new amenities – among them, an organic micro-farm, a rooftop beehive, a compost facility and plenty of upscale landscaping. However, the firm behind the building realizes they’ll need someone to handle all this hippie stuff. And thus, the idea of a fulltime “farmer-in-residence” becomes necessary.

The job, described as the city’s first of its kind (a big deal for New York!), is currently accepting applications. Be prepared to answer questions about what kind of farming it is you do including the number of full seasons of experience you have with a variety of crops. The bad news, however, despite your free rent, the additional compensation is pretty sad. According to Modern Farmer, it “includes an annual salary of $15,000 to $25,000 depending on experience, plus URBY (the name of the new complex) staff benefits.” Pfft! Most New Yorkers make that little money living off their moms and dads!