Remember when F&W Chef-in-Residence Mario Batali put Jimmy Fallon through an Italian food bootcamp?

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
Pasta Tip
Credit: Photo © Michael Turek

Food & Wine expert-in-training Jimmy Fallon nailed his Tonight Show debut on Monday with raves coming from The Daily Beast and Slate, who anointed him "the king of comedic kindness." We've experienced his contagious charm ourselves. F&W Chef-in-Residence Mario Batali, a longtime friend of Fallon’s and frequent Late Night with Jimmy Fallon guest, put Fallon through an Italian food bootcamp for one of our all-time favorite issues. Batali taught Fallon how to salt correctly (aggressively and from some height), how to cook pasta (in plenty of water so it doesn’t get too crowded) and sear meat for osso buco (let it go for a while so it develops a deep caramelization). Fallon, in turn, taught Batali a new word for pepperoni (peppy). Batali is scheduled to make an appearance on The Tonight Show on February 28. Considering how close the two men are—like, Lady and the Tramp close—the episode should be good. Especially if there happens to be a bathtub and some strawberries on set.