Thanks to the explosion of craft beer, finding brews with somewhat unexpected ingredients isn’t that uncommon…but collagen?

According to Rocket News 24, collagen products are extremely popular in Japan. Women there have been eating all sorts of collagen items for the protein’s supposed beauty benefits (they say it’s good for your skin) for quite some time. Now, Japanese booze company Suntory has decided to try to corner the collagen-consuming female market with a new light beer called “Precious.”

Beyond its 5 percent alcohol, this beer also has 2 grams of collagen per can. Whether that’s enough collagen to make your skin look better, I’m not quite sure, but if you drink enough of them, you probably won’t care anymore either way.

The new brew is first being rolled out on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. A commercial for the strange product shows a bunch of women preparing to bask in the glow of their amazing skin while sipping a pint, promising that, “Guys can tell if a girl's taking collagen or not.” It’s actually true: The girl who’s taking the most collagen is the one who’s slurring her speech.

When you think about it, drinking beer to help people look more beautiful actually has a long and established history—though typically it’s said that it’ll help others look better.