By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 02, 2015
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Next time you’re on the verge of leaving that nasty restaurant review, think to yourself, How would I feel if someone left me a review as mean as this? Because if a new app has its way, that’s where the future is headed.

Peeple, an app that is still in the development stages, says they are planning to launch as a five-star rating system for humans—essentially a Yelp rip-off where you can tell people how much you think they suck in a similar manner to how you can destroy the egos of restaurant owners.

Of course, Peeple believes their creation will (or at least should) be used for more good than evil, kind of like a chance to pat all your buddies on their backs for being so awesome. “Your network lifts you up and says positive things about you so that you can have a strong online reputation and get job opportunities, access to more networking opportunities with like-minded people, interact with other single people, and have the ability to search others to make better decisions around your greatest assets such as your family,” ABC News quotes the Peeple website (which as of writing is offline) as saying. The problem with that theory is that if everyone is just going around giving each other five-star reviews, the app becomes as worthless as when your LinkedIn connections endorse you for having skills in “social media.”

Needless to say, Peeple has already seen a major backlash. CBS News released a video piece this morning talking with the app’s founders, Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough, essentially asking them to defend their creation.

Frankly, I found hearing them talk kind of grating. One star for both of them. Though maybe CBS reporter Michelle Miller just made them look bad. One star for her, too. But who am I to judge? Now I feel like a bad person, so one star for me. And one star for all of you who are reading this tripe. One star for everyone! Let’s watch the world burn!