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When I was a kid someone gave me a copy of the Pillsbury cookbook, The Complete Book of Baking, as a gift. During my childhood it ended up being the book I always went to for cookies, quick breads and simple cakes, sometimes adding my own twist but always sticking to the basic recipe. My favorite recipe was the banana bread, to which I always added chocolate chips. Since going to cooking school and working at F&W I haven't opened up the book once. Perhaps I thought that with my "sophisticated" palate I was above such a book.

Yesterday, though, I found myself with some very ripe bananas so I decided to open up that old book and see if I still liked the simple Pillsbury recipe for banana bread. I had all the ingredients in the house except for the chocolate chips, so I made the recipe exactly as it was written. The bread was fantastic and I am glad to know that, even with my exposure to so much in the world of food, my good old banana bread recipe is still my favorite.