By FWx Editors
Updated September 01, 2016
Muji, Window House
Credit: Courtesy of Muji

Muji is best known for its sleek and simple designs. But they’ve also quietly been getting into the architecture game. Since 2014 they’ve mad prefab houses in Japan from design luminaries like Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa. And while the initial designs were hyper urban—a slim “Vertical House” as well as several micro houses. But the company’s newest prefab house, The Window House, is inspired by more rural English architecture.

But here’s the best part: Some lucky person gets to live here, rent free for two years, surrounded by all the Muji interior design elements their heart desires. Muji held a contest and the winner can move in with their family (or roommates). All the residents have to do is review their Muji experience for the designers so they know what changes to make.

The design can also be reconfigured in multiple ways to accommodate any plot of land. Prefab is in folks, and it’s cooler than ever. Take a look below to see the sort of minimalist interior we all dream of.