Credit: © Margarethe Wichert / Getty Images

We love Meryl Streep (who doesn’t) and we love food (who doesn’t), but never considered combining them into one Streepy foody mass.

Taste of Streep did just that, though, mixing a legendary actress with sexy food shots. The tagline reads: “Because what more could you want?” – and they are right. Taste of Streep is an oddly perfect match of everything that feeds our soul, and stomach.

The Instagram borrows images from thousands of Streep’s movie roles and combines them with a weird variety of food, from Hostess cupcakes to avocado toast.

Strange food-meets-people Instagram accounts have existed for a while, like with Celebrities in Ramen, but this is perhaps the most bizarrely awesome account yet.

We may argue about Streep’s best role ever but now we just may be able to agree on her best roll. Thanks, Internet.