Michael Strahan Loves Tequila, Hangs with Star Chefs

For NFL Hall of Famer turned über-host Michael Strahan, Sundays are for football (and cookies).

Michael Strahan
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Equal-Opportunity Eater

I love New York because you can get anything, anytime. I enjoy it all: great burgers, amazing Italian food. Babbo is one of my favorite restaurants. Look at me—I don't turn down meals.

Global Drinking Habits

I prefer white wine and particularly love Riesling–probably because I grew up in Germany. And I'm a tequila pro. I like Don Julio 1942 on the rocks with lime. Don Julio 70 is great—that's the one that's hard to get. Casamigos and Casa Dragones are good, too. I also have a bunch of pretty bottles that I'll probably never open, but they look nice.

Peanut Butter Makes Everything Better

I eat a lot of celery and apples with peanut butter. I like mine smooth. When I shop I try to buy the natural, organic stuff. But then there are the times that old-school PB&J comes calling and the commercials for Skippy pop into your head. If you look in my fridge, I have both.

Keeping it Fresh

My shopping list is actually pretty healthy. I always have eggs, lots of fruit, and herbs from the little garden in my backyard in NYC. If I'm going to cook, I buy everything that day. I don't like to have stuff sitting in the refrigerator for a while.

Cheat-Day Eats

On game days I get to the Fox studios at 5:30 a.m. and have oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast, then for lunch I'll have a protein shake. Around midday I hit the snack table for three of the best double-chocolate cookies you can imagine. Big cookies. Not sure how that plays into my healthy eating habits, but I do it every week.

Squad Goals

I'm lucky that a lot of my friends are chefs. Going to Mario Batali's house for Taco Tuesday or watching Michael Symon do his thing at home is amazing. They've both tried to help me with my knife skills. Let's just put it this way: I'm not messing with knives. I value my fingers too much.

Bringing Home The Bacon

I love cooking breakfast for the kids. It's a soothing way to get your day going. I make a killer oatmeal, fluffy eggs and perfect bacon. And I mean perfect. I take my time, I don't rush it. Two things I love: bacon and feeding people. I cook it slow in a skillet on the stovetop. If there is a huge group of people then I do it in the oven so it all comes out at the same time.

Clothes Competition

Everybody on our Fox show wears suits from my collection. Howie [Long] is always trying to be a little hip and cool. His older sons are in the NFL so he tries to hang. He does the suit with sneakers look, that's his thing now. Adopting a thin tie is a look he tried to do. I like the way that Howie dresses. Tiki Barber was a good dresser when we were playing but he started wearing his pants a little too high for the other athletes. The guys would say 'Tiki, you're flooding, what's going on?' And he'd say 'You guys have no idea. It's called high fashion.' When we went to the Super Bowl in 2001, Omar Stoutmire was a defensive back and he came in with a suit that was green and purple and had shoes that matched, so every time he moved it was iridescent. It changed colors. He looked like a lizard. The bigger the game, the bigger the statement. We all watch Cam Newton now with the hats and the outfits. It's more competitive now than it ever has been.

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