By Noah Kaufman
Updated April 27, 2015

As we’ve proven before, cool things happen when you melt gummy bears. And now a Spanish designer is using the results to make beautiful art.

Through her website Mayice, Madrid-based Marta Alonso Yerba sells "light boxes," decorative wall-hangings that filter light through what seems to be stained glass--but is actually gummies!

She developed the unusual technique as an art student when she didn't have the means to work with glass, and wanted to avoid the toxic effects of melting plastics. Yerba told Wired that each piece (about $160) uses up about two pounds of candy or six standard bags of Haribo candy—her gummies of choice—and comes with a lingering fruity smell.

She said she hopes to eventually apply the process to entire wall or building, but that would take a lot of gummy bears. If only there were an excess supply of some other shape candy that would be better off melted down

You can browse more of Yerba's projects on her website, or see the light boxes on display in New York at Wanted Design from May 15 to 18.