Nicole "Snooki” Polizzi and Deena Cortese of MTV’s hit reality series Jersey Shore got their nicknames “The Meatballs" or “Team Meatballs” from roommate Ronnie, creator of the eponymous and infamous “Ron Ron Juice,” because the party girls are both very tan, curvy and short.

“We like to drink. We like to party. It’s Team Meatballs,” says Snooki. “Team Meatballs can handle anything when it comes to alcohol. So we’re gonna go mad hard all day, then mad hard at the club.”

Recently, the duo took a break from partying (Snooki is reportedly pregnant) and learned how to make meatballs with Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, co-owners of NYC’s The Meatball Shop, for an In Touch photo shoot.

Here, Holzman summarizes the experience for F&W: “I’d actually never seen their show. Snooki was wearing white fur boots which I thought was pretty impressive for a meatball-and-tomato-sauce cooking class. They said something about appreciating being on worst-dressed lists. We made classic beef meatballs and spicy pork meatballs. They were natural meatball-makers, although their meatballs were inconsistent—some were big, some were small. We had a debate about how long you’re supposed to cook the marinara sauce and there were some meatball jokes thrown around, but I think I was the lewdest out of the group. They were completely funny and a pleasure to hang out with.”