Credit: © Elena Aquila / Pacific Press / LightRocket / Getty Images

When a baby puts a colander on her head like it's a hat, it's adorable. When an adult woman does it, it's a religious statement. That is, at least according to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Lowell, Mass. resident Lindsay Miller was photographed for her official driver's license wearing a shiny metal strainer on her head after the RMV acquiesced to her claim that it as part of her Pastafarian religious beliefs. Pastafarians are a subset of atheists who believe in the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or rather, believe that the monster's existence is just as likely as any other religion's deity.

Massachusetts' RMV doesn't allow drivers to wear hats in their pictures, except for medical or religious reasons. Miller's request to wear the colander was initially rejected, but she filed an appeal, which was scheduled for October. Following a postponement, the RMV decided to not proceed with the hearing and issued Miller's license with the colander hat. It's hard to say if this is a win for free speech or a loss for any of us who didn't try putting a steamer basket on our head the last time our licenses were renewed. It's probably only a matter of time before we see more kitchen headgear appearing in official ID photos from the Latter Day sieves or hardcore fondue-mentalists.