Martha Stewart Has a Line of Frozen Foods — and This Is Her Favorite Dish

Her mother's mashed potatoes have a secret ingredient.

Martha Stewart in the kitchen with apple crisp
Photo: Martha Stewart Kitchen

Martha Stewart is coming for your freezer.

The legendary food personality launched a line of frozen foods from Martha Stewart Kitchen that rolled out in grocery stores nationwide in 2021. The line includes over 40 offerings, from frozen appetizers and desserts to entrées and side dishes. Stewart helped test all of the items, which include pigs in a blanket, apple crisp, tomato tartlets, and one very personal side dish: "Martha's mother's mashed potatoes with cream cheese," which she ate growing up.

"It's my mother's recipe: Big Martha's mashed potatoes," said Stewart at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. "Cream cheese is the secret. It's very rich. You could incorporate sour cream, but cream cheese is a little sweeter and makes it so unctuous. I can't resist them."

Stewart, who made recipes from her forthcoming cookbook, Fruit Desserts, during her Classic demo, feels that frozen foods have taken on renewed importance for families across the country.

"[Frozen food] plays a big part of the cuisine in America. People have jobs at home, and are taking care of the home, and are taking care of the beastly children," she said with a laugh. "Ease of preparation is so important."

When it comes to pie, which is featured prominently in the new cookbook, Stewart gives home bakers her blessing to freeze their pie crusts in advance to make day-of preparation easier. But please, promise her you'll bake with really good butter.

"I use always an unsalted butter of high quality," she said during her cooking demo, where she used Kerrygold. "Irish butter is very good."

The frozen foods are available in over 10,000 retail outlets with more than 17 major retailers including Kroger, Publix, ShopRite, and Walmart.

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