By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2016
Credit: © CannaKorp Inc.

Nowadays, every consumable product seems to have its own version of a “Keurig for [fill in product here].” Last year, Pico promised to be the Keurig for beer. This year, we’ve already heard about the Keurig for tortillas. Of course, there’s the Keurig for coffee – that’s called a Keurig. Now, an article in the Boston Globe is getting stoners excited by promising a possible “Keurig machine for marijuana” – because why pack a bowl when the bowls can come pre-packed for you?

CannaKorp is a Massachusetts-based company that is working on making a marijuana vaporizer with a lot of similarities to a Keurig coffee machine. Not only does it use a one-touch single-serve “pod” system, but the company has another Keurig connection: Company chairman Dave Manly used to be an executive at – you guessed it – Keurig Green Mountain, before retiring to spend his golden years breaking into the pot business.

The CannaCloud, as the vaporizer is called, is a “travel-mug-shaped canister” that CannaKorp hopes to have on the market in early 2017, not entirely coincidentally just months after Massachusetts voters are set to determine the future legality of marijuana in the state. However, even if voters reject legal weed, CannaKorp isn’t entirely out of luck: The device’s killer app is its single-use replaceable pods which are filled independently by licensed growers – meaning it could still be used in other markets.

According to Manly, the CannaCloud is similar to a Keurig machine in one other important regard too: consumer excitement. “People [in focus groups] said, ‘Oh my God, how fast can I have one of those?’ Which is exactly what people said when they saw the Keurig,” he told the Globe. Though to be fair, impressing stoners isn’t that hard. These are the same people who get excited watching The Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Floyd.

Still, if you’re a marijuana novice who never learned how to properly roll a joint, this is exactly the kind of product that could spare you a lot of judgmental looks from longtime smokers. And even when you’re out and about, you could simply scoff, “Me? Pack a bowl?? I use a CannaCloud at home, bro.”