By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 24, 2014
© Jason Shaltz

Chris Hemsworth may be the “Sexiest Man Alive” according to People, but if you’re more of a food fan than a film buff, maybe Marc Murphy is your guy. The magazine named him the “Sexiest Chef.”

Murphy was included in People’s list of “Sexy Men at Work” dedicated to “experienced, talented professionals [who] have skills and qualifications that go beyond Hollywood.” People listed the Food Network mainstay and owner of multiple restaurants alongside names like sexy scientist Hendrik Streeck and sexy snake charmer Evan Antin—which I can only assume is decent company. I’ve been out of the sexy snake charmer loop for too long.

It’s not the first time People has doled out the “Sexiest Chef” honor. Previous recipients of the title include Jamie Oliver, Thomas Keller and Rocco DiSpirito. Now there’s an episode of Chopped the ladies would want to see! I’d assume.

As for Murphy, he tweeted out a “BIG Thank you.” Though I’m sure his employees will get sick of hearing him repeatedly say, “To hell with the burners, just fry up that chicken breast on my hot abs!”

As with any “world’s sexiest” designation, there is bound to be some disagreement. Feel free to nominate your own sexy chefs in the comments.