These Indian flavor-inspired frozen treats are unlike anything you’ve tried before.
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Summer is winding down, and many of us are looking for ways to savor the last few days of sunshine and balmy breezes. We’ve been cooking a lot, traveling very little, and could use an easy way to experience something special. Enter: Malai Ice Cream, the Brooklyn-based ice cream shop with Indian-inspired flavors that ships nationwide. Malai’s scoops taste like the summer we were meant to have.

Ice Cream Delivery | Malai
Credit: Courtesy of Malai

Founder Pooja Bavishi creates interesting, well-balanced flavor pairings with ice creams and sorbets. They aren’t cloying or heavy and are made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Masala Chai, Mango Cream, and Turkish Coffee flavors are all on the menu—but for the most refreshingly light flavors (and my personal favorites), turn to their sorbets. They’re completely vegan, and the unique flavor combinations that beat just about every supermarket pint. Here are three flavors to look out for: 

The Hibiscus-Chaat Masala is light, sweet, and floral, with chaat masala adding a mouth-puckering, sour-savory depth for the finish. The chaat masala flavors are similar to jal-jeera, a savory lemonade drink with roasted cumin commonly served in the summer, making it all the more refreshing. 

malai hibiscus chaat sorbet
Credit: Malai Ice Cream

The Spiced Peanut Crunch (Dairy-Free) is one of my favorite vegan ice creams. Peanut chikki, a brittle made with coconut oil and smoky-sweet jaggery, is folded into a peanut butter base steeped with star anise and cayenne pepper for the mildest bit of heat and warmth. The peanut crunch in the mix was a nice textural touch, no toppings needed. 

malai peanut chikki sorbet
Credit: Malai Ice Cream

The Pineapple Pink Peppercorn vegan ice cream is like a spruced-up pina colada, with its white chocolate-coconut milk base and tart-sweet pineapple. The pink peppercorn adds mild mouth-warming heat without overpowering. Each flavor is well-balanced, but this was the flavor I wanted to sit down with a spoon and eat the whole pint. 

malai pineapple pink peppercorn sorbet
Credit: Malai Ice Cream

If you’re not looking to turn to the fall’s flavors quite yet and want to support a great small business, Malai sorbets and ice creams are your end-of-summer savior. 

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