Credit: © nendo

Bars and truffles are so boring. The world's most beautiful new chocolates blend artisanal techniques with mathematical precision. Created by the Japanese design firm Nendo, these geometrically advanced candies are meant to illustrate how shape and texture influence taste.

The group—named the prestigious Maison & Objet 2015 Designer of the Year—crafted them to be sold in ultra-limited edition boxes during the M&O show in Paris from Jan. 23 to 27.

While each of the nine pieces in the set uses the same amount of raw ingredients, the experience of eating them is very different. One is a hollow cube, another combines dozens of tiny chocolate droplets stuck together and yet another looks like a dangerous spiky crown. Surprisingly, considering the new predilection for 3-D printers, all are made the old-fashioned way: with molds.

Nendo has dabbled in dessert before. In 2013, the group unveiled chocolate paint tubes filled with flavors like brandy and raspberry. Previously, its designers even dreamed up the only reason we'd ever have to use a pencil again: chocolate ones that you can sharpen right into your mouth. Now we just need to get these into geometry classrooms.