By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 28, 2015
© PHILIPPE LOPEZ / Getty Images

Bugs Bunny is not the only beloved animal celebrating a birthday. Jia Jia, a giant panda living in Hong Kong’s Ocean City Park, turned 37 today. In Panda years that makes her about 140-years-old. So take that, World’s Oldest Woman. Jia Jia broke the record for the oldest panda to ever live in captivity according to the impressively-named Blythe Ryan Fitzwilliam, adjudicator of the Guinness World Records.

Way back in 1978 the Bee Gees were tearing up the charts, the Yankees defended their World Series championship and somewhere in Sichuan Province, China, little Jia Jia was born. Nineteen years later the Chinese gave her as a gift to Hong Kong to mark the city’s switch from British to Chinese rule. And, as far as anyone can tell, the next 16 years of her life were quite happy. Now, despite high blood pressure and cataracts, she contentedly spends her days doing puzzles and climbing up and down a hill.

To celebrate her record-setting birthday, Jia Jia’s handlers gave her a giant birthday “cake.” It was actually a giant ice carving flavored with grenadine and mint syrup. But in the center they hid an apple as a tasty surprise. We can’t be sure, but we’re pretty sure finding an apple in the center of your ice cake is the panda equivalent of a stripper jumping out of a human cake. So it's a lucky day for Jia Jia.