By Zach Brooks
Updated June 25, 2014
© Juan Patiño Photography

When most people hear the name Lisa Loeb, they likely think of two things: the singer-songwriter’s breakout Reality Bites soundtrack hit “Stay,” and her trademark glasses (which she now sells). But some obsessives will never forget the short-lived 2004 food travel show Dweezil & Lisa, which starred Loeb and her then-boyfriend Dweezil Zappa. Lisa and Dweezil are no longer a thing, but her love affair with food has never gone away. Here are five things Loeb would love to have in her dressing room every night on tour:

1. A grilled pizza from Al Forno in Providence. “The crust is so thin and crisp it’s almost translucent. And yet in the middle it’s slightly doughy but still so thin and chewy. The cheese they use is a little bit crumbly, but a little bit melted, and they often have these shaved spring onions, which give a sweetness and crunch to the pizza. So special.”

2. Deep-fried spinach from China Grill in New York. “I used to love the fried spinach at China Grill. It was a huge bowl of fried spinach, and it looked like Heat Miser hair the way it went up in the air like flames.”

3. A vegetarian corn dog from the State Fair of Texas. “What I’d like is the corn dog from Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, but with the hot dog replaced with a large Yves veggie dog. The Fletcher’s coating is so fluffy, but the very outside is so crisp it melts in your mouth. With mustard, of course.”

4. Cheese enchiladas with the chile sauce from El Fenix in Dallas. “It’s corn tortillas, yellow cheddar cheese and that brown sauce, with more cheese on top and diced onion. It’s like something you’d see on the cover of a ZZ Top album.”

5. And while we’re on it, why not top it with her mom’s guacamole? “It’s smashed avocado, with chopped white onion, a little bit of garlic powder, salt and sometimes she puts in a tiny bit of sugar if the avocados aren’t sweet. No lemon juice, no sour cream, no cut up tomatoes. With Gracias A’Dios restaurant-style chips. They’re sturdy enough to be able to dip in something, but not so thick like a corn tortilla that’s been fried.”