By Meredith Lepore
Updated September 08, 2015
The Limited

Models are so last season. This fall is about women in power according to The Limited. The retailer has launched "The New Look of Leadership,", a brand campaign that embraces female empowerment and celebrates the many faces of leadership seen today.

This is part of a bigger campaign for The Limited called Lead an Unlimited Life, which focuses on inspiring women to be ambitious and follow their dreams. "The New Look of Leadership," will feature more than 60 women in various industries, including inspirational author Gabrielle Bernstein, Levo League's chief leadership officer Tiffany Dufu, and and Sarah Ashley Schiear, private chef and entertainment expert.

Dufu told FWx, “Psychologically, it's difficult for us [women] to embrace our authority. We're constantly deflecting it because we've been conditioned to believe that humility reigns and that ambition is bad. Ok that could be an entire book... Anyway, that's why I love The Limited's "New Look of Leadership" campaign. By featuring diverse, real women doing amazing work, they are redefining leadership to reflect what women see in the mirror.

This campaign is the first step in The Limited's new brand platform, inspiring women to Lead an Unlimited Life and fearlessly follow their dreams and look good while doing it. With the campaign, The Limited will release two new collections this month aimed at working women: The Luxe Collection and the more relaxed Lounge Collection (basically what to wear when you get home from your long day and are ready for a glass of wine and Broad City ).

The campaign is encouraging women to post their own story about What Leading Looks Like and/or nominate a fabulous woman you know to be featured at