The Oil Infuser That's Been Backordered for a Year Is Finally in Stock—and on Sale

It’s high-tech, pun intended.

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LĒVO Oil Infuser
LĒVO Oil Infuser. Photo: LĒVO

If you're into making homemade treats infused with your favorite herb(s), your kitchen needs to shine in two categories. First, you'll need the freshest ingredients you can find—mediocre butter, oil, and chocolate simply won't do—so don't forget to hit the farmer's market, greenhouse, or your herb garden. The second: a smart gadget to take the infusing process to a (ahem) higher level. The Levo II oil infuser does just that, and after being backordered for over a year, it's now available on the Levo site.

For those unfamiliar with this in-demand kitchen gadget, the Levo II system simplifies herbal infusion. The machine creates a streamlined process from start to finish, allowing home chefs to enjoy the benefits and flavors of infused ingredients without the need for a bunch of appliances or over-the-top directions. The brand doesn't try to hide the fact that its primary use is cannabis-infused edibles, but in addition to being 420-friendly, the Levo II can be used to add fresh herbs to your cooking, including thyme, lavender, rosemary, and more. Really, the sky's the limit.

Courtesy of Levi

To buy: Levo II, $289 (originally $300) at

The machine puts your herbs through three steps: drying, activating, and infusing. Thanks to intelligent time and temperature controls, it removes the guesswork and mess so you can focus on getting creative in the kitchen. Use the infuser to add a kick of herbal flavor to gummies, brownies, cookies, candies, dressings, and sauces, or try creating custom-infused bath products, perfect for soothing aching muscles after a long day in the kitchen.

With the Levo II, the possibilities are endless—and it's no surprise it was completely backordered for over a year. The machine just got restocked in five colors (licorice black, pacific blue, garden green, paprika red, and honey cream).

The best deal, however, is the Ultimate Levo II Bundle, which includes a Levo II in the color of your choice, two gummy and candy molds, one herb block tray to store your infusions, one herb press, one extra power pod to double the strength of your infusion, and two cookbooks. That's a whole lot of infusing power in one package, and at 15% off, it's an offer you almost can't refuse—kind of like that delicious edible that's been calling your name.

Courtesy of Levi

To buy: Ultimate Levo II Bundle, $400 (originally $460) at

Shop the Levo II and the Ultimate Levo II Bundle—as well as the rest of what the site has to offer. Your kitchen (and your dinner guests) will thank you for it.

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