Laziest Television Idea in History Finally Turns to Food

Apparently watching this guy do this made for compelling television. Photo: © iStockphoto

In an ongoing quest to prove that people will watch anything, the UK’s Channel 4 will soon launch a new show called Britain at Dinner. It will build off the earlier success of a show called Gogglebox, which placed a camera in the living rooms of British families and watched them…wait for it…watching TV. Episodes of Gogglebox would consisted of 45 minutes of locked shots of different people watching prime-time television.

The program was so successful that it even landed briefly on American TV, renamed The People’s Couch, on Bravo.

With Britain at Dinner, the action will move from the couch to the kitchen. Episodes will air video from stationary cameras set up in British homes, showing not only the families cooking, but also eating the meals afterward. According to Channel 4, viewers will be treated to “what people are really rustling up behind closed kitchen doors, as well as capturing the battles over who’s ‘head chef’ and what we discuss, between mouthfuls, at dinner tables in every corner of British society.”

If you ever watched a food show on television and thought, “You know what I could do without? The excellent camerawork and interesting personalities,” then this could be the show for you. Because of British Internet streaming rules, the show will be available in only the UK. But if you’re an American voyeur hoping for a little dinnertime action, we’re willing to bet a sizable amount of money that The People’s Kitchen will make it across the pond sometime next year.

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