This $10 Meat Masher Has So Many Other Uses—and Even Doubles as a Spatula

Use it for crushing, mincing, separating, and more.

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Now that summer is officially here, chances are you have barbecues on your mind. To help whip up homemade hamburger patties on the grill, several Amazon shoppers turn to the Zulay Kitchen Heat Resistant Meat Masher. The $10 chopper has nearly 10,000 ratings on Amazon and rave reviews to match.

Whether you're cooking chicken, sausage, ground beef, or turkey, this meat masher will help get the job done quickly and efficiently by separating meat as you stir, even if it's frozen. But it's not just for meat: The four-pronged tool can smash avocados for toast and guacamole, mash potatoes, stir in spices, separate packaged fish like tuna, and crush tomatoes for sauces, marinades, and spreads. Customers report using it to help shred chicken, pull pork, mince garlic, and crush veggies before cooking.

Premium Heat Resistant Meat Chopper
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Plus, the handle has a non-slip grip, and the material is easy to clean. Whether you decide to wash it by hand or in the dishwasher, food easily slides off the blades and doesn't leave residue behind. You have eight color options to choose from, so there's something to match every kitchen.

Customers aren't shy about expressing their love for Zulay's meat masher. "I use ground meat, and other difficult-to-break-up products when cooking and baking. I had used an old wooden spoon, but it wasn't the most efficient way to get the job done. This gadget is perfect," exclaimed one happy shopper.

"This little tool has made itself invaluable in a hurry!" shared another. "I'm a snob when it comes to chunky meat in dishes like spaghetti—this utensil ensures only little pieces of meat. It holds up well to heat and washes great in the dishwasher."

You can get this handy kitchen gadget to chop meat, prep vegetables, and more for only $10 on Amazon right now.

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