This Adjustable Bakeware Rack Is Like Having Custom-Built Kitchen Cabinets or a Fraction of the Price

Stop searching for cutting boards and getting buried in pot lid avalanches.

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YouCopia Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack
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Finding the cutting board I need feels like a puzzle I can't solve. Every few months, I neatly stack them in my cabinet, the smallest sitting atop the largest in an unbalanced rectangular mountain. But a week later, they're a terrible jumble and I'm wondering if I really need to find the cutting board I reserve for slicing chicken breasts into tenders.

I'm in the midst of a kitchen renovation, so I've decided this is a good opportunity to reimagine the way I organize my cutting boards and baking sheets. But rather than shell out hundreds of dollars for custom-made cabinet dividers, I'm going to purchase the YouCopia Storemore Adjustable Bakeware Rack. The clever storage solution lets you stack everything vertically, rather than horizontally, and is $20 on Amazon right now.

Youcopia Adjustable Bakeware Rack
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To buy: YouCopia Storemore Adjustable Bakeware Rack, $20 at

While cabinet dividers are certainly helpful, the key difference with the YouCopia Storemore is that it has seven movable steel wire loops that let you fit in baking pans and sheets of different sizes and shapes. As one reviewer noted, "the adjustable slots make the product," and the rack's versatility is the biggest reason it caught my eye. It can hold pot lids in a deep drawer or make it easier to see and access muffin tins in an upper cabinet.

The YouCopia rack also has non-skid rubber feet so it will stay in place and a slim profile (it's a little over 1 pound and just under 12 inches long) that disappears once it's full of bakeware.

I'm not the only one with the YouCopia adjustable rack in my cart as it has more than 8,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Reading through the reviews, it's clear that this is a product that has captured the imagination of cooks. One reviewer even uses the rack in their freezer to store standing bags of soups.

"I would give this organizer six stars if that were an option," wrote another reviewer, who appreciated that the easy-to-assemble rack, "solves the clutter problem for serving trays, cheese trays, cutting boards, baking pans, and platters perfectly."

Stop struggling with a mess of cutting boards or pot lids that threaten to avalanche when you open your cabinet doors. Shop the YouCopia Storemore Adjustable Bakeware Rack on Amazon right now.

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