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Amazon Shoppers Say They Use This Carbon Steel Wok Every Single Day—and It's on Sale

“My wife and I are finding new recipes just as an excuse to use this new wok.”
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If you've ever wanted to replicate the cooking techniques of your favorite takeout establishment—but aren't sure where to start—it's worth investing in a wok. This crucial tool is the key to perfect stir-frying, searing an assortment of vegetables, and quickly browning slabs of meat. 

Consider opting for the Yosukata 14-Inch Carbon Steel Wok, which is just $60 at Amazon. The pan comes pre-seasoned, and the more you use it the more nonstick it will become—so you don't have to worry about pieces of vegetables latching onto the bottom. Thanks to the heavy-duty black carbon steel, you'll have an even heat distribution throughout the entire pan (no hot spots!). 

The pan is designed with a rounded bottom and sloped sides, making flipping vegetables and meat easy. Plus, as you continue to toss, the food will repeatedly be flung against high heat levels, giving it that wonderfully charred flavor. The wok is finished off with an ergonomically designed wooden handle that feels comfortable to hold in your hand. When you're done cooking, make sure to wash the wok by hand—it should never be placed in the dishwasher. 

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To buy: Yosukata 14-Inch Carbon Steel Wok, $60 (originally $73) at

Over a thousand Amazon shoppers have given the wok a five-star rating, noting that it's "extremely impressive" and "will give you years of service." One shopper who bought the wok for her husband goes on to say, "Everything he has cooked in it thus far has been delicious."

"Excellent wok," a five-star reviewer shares. "I've owned quite a few woks over the years and I was always on the search for the perfect wok and while this is not quite it, it is 9.5/10 points of the way there. Perfectly nonstick when seasoned. The eggs I cook just float around on the wok. Round bottom wok is perfect for me and my high-burner stove. Easy to clean. Lightweight and the black carbon steel heats evenly and food doesn't stick at all. Not even a single grain of rice."

"I received my new wok on Tuesday and I have used it EVERY day since," another user says. "It is the most beautifully constructed and designed wok... My wife and I are finding new recipes just as an excuse to use this new wok. You will be so pleased to see how sturdy and elegant the design is. I'm so proud of it I have been keeping it on my range top. I simply clean it with hot water and a sponge, heat it on my gas stove to dry it, and it is ready to use again."

Head to Amazon and shop the Yosukata 14-Inch Carbon Steel Wok for just $60 while this deal lasts.