XO Marshmallow Advent Calendar

This Gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar Is the Tastiest Way to Count Down to Christmas

I buy it every year.

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I'm notoriously frugal with my money. Think: The type of person who adds things to her cart and never checks out because she can't justify the purchase. You could argue it's a character flaw, or a learned behavior after a childhood growing up below the poverty line. Whatever you choose to label it, the truth of it all is that spending money is hard for me. So, when I do purchase something, you know it has to be good. And the XO Marshmallow advent calendar is exactly what I'd hoped it would be and more.

I first heard about XO Marshmallow on TikTok in late 2020. As a country, we were deep into holiday quarantine with COVID-19 cases rising by the day. It was the first Christmas I'd spent away from my family in my entire life and I wanted to do something—anything—to cheer myself up. So, I added the XO Marshmallow advent calendar to my cart and checked out (after a week-long internal debate, of course).

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To buy: XO Marshmallow 2021 Marshmallow Advent Calendar, $53 at XOMarshmallow.com

Twenty-five days of marshmallowy goodness later, I can say with complete confidence that I'll never hesitate to buy another of these calendars again. As it is well-documented on my own TikTok, the XO Marshmallow holiday countdown had some of the most uniquely flavored marshmallows I've ever had, including bourbon and lavender—the former of which I enjoyed in an Old Fashioned and the latter I tried in a piping hot cup of tea. There was also a coquito marshmallow, a fan-submitted flavor that was my personal favorite.

The 2021 calendar features a variety of new marshmallow flavors including chai, Coke float, maple pancake, Sriracha honey, and pickle (yes, pickle!), just to name a few. Many of these flavors are exclusive to the advent calendar itself and cannot be purchased separately.

This year's XO Marshmallow advent calendar is currently available for preorder for $53. Not only will it bring you 25 days of marshmallow bliss, it's a great way to support a small, woman-owned business this holiday season, too.

Trust me, it's worth the price.

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